What’s the Medicare Saving Program?

What’s the Medicare Saving Program? Medicare Savings Programs are money-saving opportunities for seniors. That is, if you qualify for them. Not everybody does. If you have lots of assets — we’re talking about cash in the bank, real estate beyond the home you live in, or extra vehicles beyond your car, you might not qualify. […]
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What’s Guaranteed Life Insurance?

What Makes Guaranteed Life Insurance Different? Guaranteed life insurance is perfect for seniors. That’s because these policies are an affordable way for older adults to create an estate for their family to inherit or provide for their final expenses. There are plenty of choices when it comes to life insurance for seniors. So many choices, […]
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HMO PPO Medicare

Medicare Advantage: HMO vs. PPO

Medicare Advantage: HMO vs. PPO We get asked about Medicare Advantage every day. Folks call CoverageCoach wondering about the differences between Medicare Advantage HMOs and PPOs. So we put together this article to help explain the differences. We’ll start with a basic definition of Medicare Advantage and then explain HMO and PPO options. We know that senior health insurance […]
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Medicare History

The History of Medicare

The History of Medicare For more than fifty years, Medicare has been helping American adults stay healthy. As we approach Medicare’s 55th anniversary, the team at CoverageCoach thought it would be fun to write about the History of Medicare. From its beginnings in 1965 to modern adjustments proposed by President Trump, Medicare has been an […]
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Medicare and Long-term Care (LTC)

Medicare and Long-term Care (LTC) There is so much conflicting information about Medicare and long-term care out there! It’s no wonder folks are confused about the issue. We get asked about it all the time. So the team at CoverageCoach created this article to answer your questions about Medicare and long-term care. Here, we’ll describe what […]
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How do Medicare Deductibles Work?

How do Medicare Deductibles Work? Medicare is already a complicated topic. Here at CoverageCoach, we get asked about deductibles often. We understand this is a confusing area, so we’re writing this article to help explain Medicare deductibles, and how they relate to Medicare Supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans. If you have questions beyond this […]
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Financial Wellness Seniors Medicare

Medicare and Financial Wellness

Medicare and Financial Wellness Retirement sounds relaxing but, financially, can be scary. Maybe this article is the first time you’ve considered the relationship between Medicare and financial wellness. The crew here at CoverageCoach gets it. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to retirement. You’re probably asking yourself: Is Original Medicare coverage enough? […]
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Alphabet Soup: Medicare Defined

Alphabet Soup – Medicare Parts ABCD & F – Defined What is the Medicare Alphabet Soup? At CoverageCoach, we know how different Medicare plans get confusing. You might wonder, which senior health insurance program is better for you? Whether you’re getting ready to retire and exploring Medicare for the first time, or looking into Medicare […]
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Medicare and Hospice Coverage

Does Medicare Cover Hospice? It’s a delicate question. We know this is a stressful time for you and your family. Here, we’ll talk about hospice coverage and provide the facts you need. The answer is, Yes. Your Original Medicare covers most hospice services, as long as Medicare approves them. Folks ask us about Medicare hospice […]
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Medicare for Diabetes

I’m Diabetic. Will Medicare cover me?

I’m Diabetic. Will Original Medicare be Enough? No. Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, the Original Medicare benefits you’ve earned will not cover everything. In fact, you may need something more to care for your health in retirement. If you have diabetes, you might wonder which services and products Original Medicare will pay […]
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